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mystic ([personal profile] mystic) wrote on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:24 pm
HBP spoilers + old pictures
I saw Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince last Wednesday, it was absolutely brilliant. The comic relief was amazing (Lavender, omfg rotfling), although some of the scenes were a bit hard, or disturbing, for me to watch - specifically, the scene with Katie Bell and the opal necklace. It was actually freaking me out, while I was admiring the contrast of her red jacket compared to the snow storm. I felt bad for laughing at Snape during the Slug Club dinner party, but damn, the man just makes it too easy. And then Draco, I'm not really a fan of his, but I just wanted to give a good old fashioned bear hug. He ain't all bad, just the result of bad parenting. Harry and Ginny were so out of character to me, though! Damn, I felt so awkward watching, and I don't like how they (to me) rushed the whole Tonks/Remus relationship, I really was looking forward to her little outburst. I was also laughing at Remus's lycanthropic PMS, lol. Good Lord, and Dumbledore, it was so hard for me to watch. I really enjoyed the whole scene, though. Helena Bohem Carter has forced me into such a love/hate relationship with Bella; why couldn't they just get someone awful to play her and then I could resnt her murdering Sirius in peace?

I left the theater with a very ominous feeling, which I suppose is fitting. It was a beautiful film.

Anyway, here are some pictures of when I went to the beach for spring break/my birthday.

Anyway, off to study for my math final tomorrow.
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